Nathalie Le Brun

Nathalie Le Brun


When La Vie Property Solutions opened its wings for the first time, I decided to start a new rental roll of our own. The reason behind this decision was that we could grow it as we were growing the business and also meet our new landlords, tenants and properties right from the beginning. It has been a wonderful journey so far as we believe “in our eyes” we have the best landlords and tenants. We have managed to create a unique family as we know them all by their first name. Everyone feels comfortable to come to our office or call us anytime.

Since our new move to the heart of Springfield Lakes, our valued clients have been complimenting our beautiful modern and stylish office and how we are now even more accessible to them.

My special dual role of being the Principal/Sole Proprietor as well as the Executive Property Manager at La Vie Property Solutions has given me great satisfaction and huge benefits to our business. I personally help our landlords to find the best tenants, rent their property at the best price achievable as well as ensure that our tenants find a new home which is perfect for them. This amazing combination allows me to look after your property as if it was my own and at the same time gaining respect from my tenants who understand the importance of your valuable asset.

I am able to offer these wonderful and professional services with the help of La Vie’s Property Management Team and our licensed tradesmen who are handpicked for their exclusive and dedicated support.

I look forward to helping you too with your investment property. So please call me at a convenient time to discuss your customised needs. I am confident that our new business partnership will be a happy and stress free experience for you.

There are currently no inspections available. Please return soon.
Thanks Nathalie and Team for taking over my property management smoothly and straight away make an impact by reaching out to tenants to understand their concerns and act quick to make the tenants happy. Looking forward to working with you and your team. 

- Seshadri T Ananthakrishnan

High level of service, politeness, care and dedication

I have rented my whole life and have had some pretty good real estate agents (and some horrible ones) but have never come across a team as helpful and HUMAN as La Vie Property Solutions. For two years (since we started with them) Nathalie has offered a level of service, politeness, care and dedication that obviously inspires her entire team. We are used to being treated like we don't matter, just another tenant, but have been blown away by La Vie. They actually make you feel like you are valuable to them - I'd happily pay extra rent for that. I hope if you are thinking of listing a quality property with La Vie that you take that into account: service like this attracts good tenants, and that's what WE try to be - especially when we're treated with respect. Would give 6/5 if I could.

- Marti Dobson

Dear Nathalie I would like to thank LaVie, yourself and the rental team. I could not be happier with your professionalism and the way in which you have managed our home over the past 4 years. More will be said in this regard, closer to the end of the tenancy agreement.  Thank you again.  Kind regards   Darren Bennett